This campaign is the adventure of three heroes(well…adventurers, at least) in a post-apocalyptic world.

One of them was imprisoned before the apocalypse. He’s a sorcerer and great warrior of dragon heritage, dedicated to order and…getting some…in this post-apocalyptic world.

One of them was born after the apocalypse. He’s a necromancer trying to…well I’m not sure what exactly. We will see.

The third is a half-demon and was/is an assassin for hell. He has come to the material plane to take care of someone..

As unlikely as these three seem to work together, they are brought and; at times, forced together by the powers that be. Namely: One badass, older-than-history black dragon necromancer; named Nightterror. While some of the adventurers may be of questionable moral fiber, their evils pale in comparison to the black and vile heart of Nightterror. Slayer of a million souls, devourer of nations,manipulator of Planar Wars; this dragon is a bigger threat to the world than anyone can imagine. So many of the powers-that-be; good and evil, chaotic and lawful, want him dead. How many of them will end up dead before him? And is death really that much of a hindrance to a necromancer of Nightterror’s power? With all the heroes of the Material Plane gone, and the influence of other planes little at best; who can stand up to this mighty dragon?

Apocalyptica Arcana